Sunday, February 24, 2008

How I made the blanket (so far)

Here's some process pictures! Hooray!

This probably best shows the process of putting the bags together. Two layers of bags (total of four layers of plastic) laid on each other and overlapped are put in between card stock. I then ironed them on the lowest setting possible. It was easier to manage working with six bags (three long, two thick) at a time then putting them together which is shown.

These are five of the long strips before they got sewn together. I had to put them up to be able to see where it was going.

This is me sewing bags!!!

My poor needle got so static-y that it was covered in dust. So sad.

This is the underside of the . . . top? Perhaps you can see I used just very simple straight stitches.

Here it is sewn together on three sides. Soon I will stuff and quilt it. It's a little thinner than I had originally planned but I'm happy with it.

This is the inside. I just thought it looked neat. In the picture though, it looks a lot cleaner and whiter than it really is.

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