Thursday, February 14, 2008

blonde brunette redhead

And here are the three gnomes! Two are cast in cement, the other is the original clay.

With each of the cement versions, I had some problems with shifting and air bubbles. In the first one there was some shifting after I had poured the cement (I was trying to convince myself that I could actually pick up and move the whole kit and caboodle) so there are some larger seams and some bits a little off. In the second, I used a cement that had larger stones. When I poured it, although I was more conscious of air bubbles, it seems I am not yet very good at it. On a happy side though, the rocks and the air pockets created an amazing effect on the back of the head and the arms.

I was just so happy that the original actually came out in one piece I couldn't bear to actually get rid of it. Hopefully during the break it will be the one that I paint and fancy up a bit.

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