Thursday, February 21, 2008

the bed in (out of) bags

I figure that since I worked on the thing for about seven hours today alone and have been plotting and planning it for about a month, I should probably start mentioning it on here.

So I'm making a bed in a bag set out of plastic bags. The assignment was "The Dollar Store" and I thought about convenience shopping as a whole. There's just so so much to cover in regards to both production and consumption and it was totally overwhelming. How the hell do I put all that into one piece? It all came out in plastic bags. And the phrase, "You made your bed, now lay in it," original, I know but it made sense.

It started with seeing this and thinking that there could be a bigger, better application. I looked into it more and found another tutorial and some quilting basics. I already knew what goes into a bed in a bag.

I put out a call on facebook for plastic bags and the response was awesome! I got so many bags! They showed up in my studio, on my doorstep, and when I picked them up! I have been taking several pictures of my pile as is grows and shrinks (or rather turns into fabric).

This project is ambitious to say the least. I haven't even gotten to how I'm presenting it yet.

I'm going to wait until it is finished or my camera is nearer to my computer to show more pictures of the whole process and finished product but here is a teaser of when I convinced my lovely assistant Neil to help me sort and fold bags. This isn't all of them, this way mid way through that evening's sorting. I've received more since this was taken and I had already done some sorting at that point.

By way of a process/number update I think right now I'm at 177 Safeway and 70 President's Choice bags that have had something done to them.

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