Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First bits of Citizens Sustained

Below are a few terrible images (I apologize, seriously bad) of the beginnings of the things for Citizens Sustained. This project was done for the 2009 Cathedral Village Arts Festival. I asked people what sustained them. I'm mailing them art about it them. I have a far more eloquent, intelligent explanation of the project but it's late and it's handwritten in a book beside me not actually inside my laptop. Either way, here's two of the three that are done/near done.

Dancing sustains Carleen... she's a belly dancer, thus the henna-like designs. This is actually purple and silver, not ... greys.

Tea which sustains ... a woman whose name I can't remember this very second. It will say "Tea Beverage of Champions"

I'm hoping to do some or all of the following:
create an art film as imagined by 13 year old girls about broccoli and oranges
a website about the internet fairy and a computer monster
something about a woman's two grandsons.

I also finished and do not have here a rather obscene and (I think) hilarious comic.

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