Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ok, the show is installed and open!

Reception and show information is here: (facebook)

Ultimately only the Space Sphinx, Sweetums the Cannibal Bird and the Gentleman caller were installed. I'm ok with that. The cupcakes are in! Sweetums is actually "Sweetums the Cannibal Bird Likes Cupcakes. Do You Like Cupcakes?"

This is short but I'm going to buy groceries to make some soft pretzels. Installation shots and perhaps pictures of the pretzels to follow.


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Ian Timshel said...

Oh... soft pretzels. I got introduced many years ago in Philadelphia at a road side vendor and have never been the same since. I like to cook and bake. I've taken two swings at pretzels and have retreated to more conventional breads. Do you post recipes? Does bald faced begging work?