Friday, January 11, 2008

First Post/Gnome research

Well, here it is. The Sketchblog.

This blog will supplement my physical sketchbook for ART 350. I'm doing this because a lot of my research naturally leans toward online avenues and rather than print it all off to shove into my smaller-than-standard-printer-paper sketchbook, I'm going to post links to images and web pages that inspire my work. In addition to this, I will be posting pictures of work as it progresses.

And here's the beginning of it.
For our first project, the assignment is to make our Ultimate Garden Gnome. In my searching for images of gnomes, I found this fabulous image filled website, Gnomeland. It's so well cataloged! I also found myself looking for pictures of girl gnomes (thinking of course that I might try to make a little Meghan) and was aghast at what is on the site.

Lingerie and old ladies!!! If anything, now I'm making a version of myself for certain. An Angry Meghan. After a discussion with Bryan, we're both going to be making our alter egos. I'm expecting me, cocked head and glasses, raised eyebrow and trying to be conscious of the fact that it will have to be made into a mold.


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